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  • Space planning, surface material, paint, tile - design and specification

  • Color, fixture, fabric, furniture, accessory - selection and specification

  • 3D concept client preview and design construction documents

  • Site checks for design consistency and construction follow-through

  • Design collaboration


  • I will meet with you to discover your interior design tastes
    and needs for kitchen, bathroom or living areas.

  • Review your budget. 

  • Re-plan your space or layout of needed areas if desired.

  • Select and recommend surface materials (tile, stone, quartz,
    paint), fixtures, fabric, furniture, window treatment and accessories.

  • Provide purchasing sources for recommended components as above. 

  • Provide you 3D projected design (Sketchup form) and/or basic
    drafted plans for pre-visualization and direction. 

  • Provide design drawings for construction, fabrication
    and/or installation.

  • Site check construction, fabrication and/or installation process for design adherence, 

  • Design collaboration with client, contractor or additional design professionals in all aspects as above and as needed.

3116 Jul. 31 16.57.jpg
3106 Jul. 31 13.40.jpg

Contact me to get started on your project.

Email -

Call + Text - (310) 753-3373

3116 Jul. 31 16.57.jpg
3116 Jul. 31 16.57.jpg
3116 Jul. 31 16.57.jpg
3116 Jul. 31 16.57.jpg
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